Patrick 19 NYC. Future RN.

Scion FR-S at the NYIAS. 
If anyone is interested in finance I have the Lehman Brothers 2007 Annual Report on file if you want it. This report is funny because it shows high income for the company and the next year they declared bankruptcy. Anyway if you want it, send me a message with your email and I’ll send it over. 

One Puff

When I was in high school I acquired the nick name “One Puff.” People really liked calling me that and would yell it in the hallways when they would see me. You’re probably wondering, “One Puff, does that have to do with smoking?” If you were wondering that, you are correct. Let me tell you how I got this nickname.

A few of my friends took up smoking cigarettes. I was hanging out with them one day and they were all smoking except for me. Cigarettes appalled me at the time. But that day they decided to all push onto me to try a cigarette. I decided that I would try it so they would stop bothering me. I lit one and literally took one puff of it and threw it away, that’s how much I didn’t like it at the time. From that day forth they called me “One Puff.” They still call me that and I really don’t mind. 

Another Porsche on campus today.. 

A Poem

It’s no surprise that I realized I’m not who I want to be.

But if I wasn’t me then I wouldn’t have meet thee.
And if I hadn’t met thee then I don’t know where I would be. 

You make me happy, you make me smile, and you make me glad that I decided to stick around. 

If only I made you as happy as you make me.
Maybe I do and I just don’t know.

But I’m just glad you’re in my life now because I really need thee.


People really need to learn to mind their own business. If it doesn’t involve you stay out of it. Like what does it concern you what someone else is doing. If it doesn’t affect you in anyway why do you have to butt in. Like seriously FUCK OFF. 

Cool Employee

So Sarah, Chris, and I went to a certain fast food place for dinner today. I decided I wanted a milkshake because the movie we watched in the film class got me craving for a milkshake. However, when I ordered the milkshake the employee leaned over the counter and whispered to me, “The ice cream machine is working kind of funny today and the ice cream tastes weird.” That being said I ended up not getting the milkshake. I really did appreciate the employee being nice and letting me know. I thanked her a bunch and had something else instead. 

Great day spent on the saddle with Chris. Can’t wait for even better weather. 

I’m actually genuinely happy. I haven’t been this happy in a long time.

Sleeping Outside

Sleeping outside is so refreshing/relaxing. The other day the clinical professor gave me a 45 minute lunch break. I wasn’t hungry but it was a beautiful day outside so I walked over to central park. I’ve been severely sleep deprived recently so I found this large sloping rock and I lay down on it. I used my backpack as a pillow and I ended up taking a 35 minute nap. It was great, the sun shone on me, birds sung above me, and all seemed right in the world as I lay there undisturbed. When I got up I felt so rested and relaxed it was great.